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Insane Pools Off the Deep End

Lucas Congdon creates lagoons that will blow your mind.

Genre: Reality

Country: N/A

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Insane Pools Off the Deep End
"Lucas Lagoons turns a koi pond project into a backyard oasis for a family and their fish in Siesta Key. The team transforms an old, outdated pool into a natural lagoon, connecting it to the new pond and installing an amazing aquaponics system."
"The Lucas Lagoons crew creates a bayside paradise for a couple in Snead Island, FL. Lucas is stymied by the challenge of building an outdoor living space, pool, spa, fire features and kitchen... all without any of his signature rock work."
"The Lucas Lagoons crew faces the unique challenge of building a Rocky Mountain-style lagoon for a family living in the Florida wetlands. Lucas quickly learns his clients will be supervising him along the way as he creates the pool of their dreams."
"After 10 years of saving and dreaming for a pool, a couple wants Lucas to build the wow factor. The crew creates a giant double-pool feature with a connecting stream and several customized surprises to deliver the \"wow\" and dismiss any doubt."
"A couple with a baby wants Lucas to remodel their dangerously outdated pool and make it safe for their son. The goal is to preserve the pool\u2019s cage while swinging in massive rocks to transform a dull patio pool into a stunning natural atrium."
"Lucas and the crew build a Caribbean destination in a landlocked backyard. It\u2019s a clash of wills, as the clients demand that a reluctant Lucas use some green rocks to create a tropical oasis with a sand bottom, salt-water pool loaded with features."
Season 2 - Insane Pools Off the Deep End
"Pool designer Lucas Congdon and his crew take on the challenge of bringing the jungle to life in a suburban backyard."
"Pool designer Lucas Congdon must create an outdoor water room in which a mermaid could live. Former clients in love with all things ocean ask Lucas to remodel the tiny pool in their new home that sits just yards away from the Gulf of Mexico."
"It\u2019s fiesta time as pool designer Lucas Congdon and his crew are challenged to create a Mexican resort in a Venice, Florida residential backyard. Lucas encounters several design firsts on his journey to infuse the flavors of Mexico into his creation."
"Lucas goes to Huntsville, Alabama to build the lifelong dream pool of a retiring military couple. Lucas designs the largest grotto enclosed spa and widest waterfall of his career. This build also requires a tornado shelter."
"Pool genius Lucas transforms a neglected backyard into a waterpark wonderland! With his most extreme remodel yet, Lucas creates a family fun zone, complete with waterslide and double decker outdoor party space. But it's not all fun and games ..."
"Lucas takes his art of backyard transformations to Parrish, FL where a couple requests the ultimate space of tranquility and relaxation. Building a serene oasis is one thing, but can Lucas calm down his crazy crew enough to tap into their inner Zen?"
"Lucas takes on the nearly impossible challenge to transform a tiny, suburban backyard into a luxurious 5-star resort-worthy pool space, hiding its secret identity as the ultimate sports and party fanatic's entertainment zone!"